Savoring the Flavors of Winter: Sunday Brunch in Jackson Hole 


Winter has descended on Jackson Hole, and many of us may be suffering a bit from post-holiday blues. The holidays are over, and the nights are still long. If you feel like you need a pick-me-up to offset the seasonal doldrums, there is no better place than to indulge in a unique Sunday brunch experience at the Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse. We know how to get through a Wyoming winter, and that means not hibernating but waking up to enjoy all Jackson Hole has to offer.  

We are, of course, known for our enticing array of fine steaks and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Therefore, offering a Sunday brunch menu crafted to tantalize with the distinctive flavors of the season is the perfect approach to enjoying a culinary journey even in the heart of a Wyoming winter. This article will explore the delectable offerings that await you at our Sunday brunch on a winter morning in Jackson Hole. 

Unveiling our Unique Brunch Menu 

Our meticulously curated brunch menu was designed as an homage to traditional favorites but incorporated our own blend of creations. Classic meets innovative at a Sunday brunch that is sure to please all palates. We promise to redefine your perception of a typical Sunday menu, so let’s peruse the most exciting choices you will encounter.  

Monte Cristo Sandwich: A Fusion of Elegance and Comfort 

Always the timeless classic, we think a Monte Cristo is the pinnacle of Sunday brunch comfort food. Our delicious Monte Cristo sandwich perfectly balances the richness of Snake River Farms ham with the subtle sweetness of Texas toast. Nestled between these golden layers is a blend of melted Swiss cheese. This signature dish is a testament to our commitment to elevating your brunch experience while wintering in Jackson Hole.  

A Tasty Trio of Benedicts 

Sunday brunch at the Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse has reinvented the classic Eggs Benedict into three distinct offerings that transcend this standard known for its satisfying richness. While our chefs always appreciate the quality of fine ham, they have enjoyed introducing some new flavors and textures to their Benedict brunch entrees. Customers can choose either crab cakes or sliced bison to accompany poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Or, if you want to add some kick, try our chorizo benedict with chipotle hollandaise.  

Seasonal Bounty and Classic Brunch Favorites with a Steakhouse Spin 

Our Sunday brunch boasts selections that satisfy diners who expect traditional fare while offering a few innovations to surprise and delight the taste buds of every guest who enters our restaurant. Let’s glance at a few of our most popular choices.  

For those who want something a little savory, we suggest you try: 

  • Jalapenos stuffed with sweet dates and wrapped in prosciutto 
  • Wild mushroom flatbread prepared with a crisp cauliflower crust 
  • Fried Brussels sprouts drizzled with a pancetta vinaigrette 
  • Deviled eggs with the tang of Dijon mustard and dusted with smoky paprika 

For those who want something a little sweet to round out their meal, we suggest you try: 

  • An array of fresh winter fruits served with honey yogurt and homemade granola 
  • Freshly baked cinnamon rolls, heady with spice and covered with decadent icing 

Pairing Perfection: Elevate Your Brunch Experience with Crafted Beverages 

Our Sunday brunch menu is not complete without one of our signature beverages to complement our selections. We would love to wake you up with our Insomnia cocktail, a delicious blend of Kahlua, vodka, cream, and a shot of espresso. Maybe a fruit juice base is more to your liking; therefore, we suggest a combination of passion fruit with sparkling white wine. If savory and spicy is your choice, then the Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse can satisfy this preference with our take on the classic Bloody Mary, complete with a meatball skewer.  

Jackson Hole’s Finest Steakhouse: Elevating Sunday Brunch to Culinary Excellence 

For the discerning palate, the Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse is the pinnacle of Sunday brunch indulgence. Our brunch menu explores beyond the conventional fare, offering a sophisticated culinary experience that caters to those seeking a hearty and satisfying start to a Sunday in Jackson Hole. 

As winter graces Jackson Hole, our Sunday brunch beckons you to savor the season’s flavors in a setting that combines warmth, elegance, and culinary excellence. From the innovative twists on classic dishes to the hearty indulgence of steakhouse specials, our brunch menu was created with our customers’ tastes in mind. Our guests deserve a unique and unforgettable dining experience, and we provide that with Sunday brunch and nightly dinners featuring the finest steaks. Join us as we redefine Sunday brunch in Jackson Hole – a celebration of seasonal dishes that are as cozy and inviting as sitting by a fire on a cold winter’s day. 

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