A Fine Steakhouse: An American Tradition 

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 The history of the American steakhouse is intertwined with the development of the United States as a nation and its culinary traditions. While it can be challenging to pinpoint the exact origin of the American steakhouse, several key factors contributed to its evolution into a well-loved American tradition that includes the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Steakhouse in Jackson Hole.   

When having dinner in Jackson Hole, most diners want a local steakhouse experience- and that experience can be wonderfully enhanced when understanding and appreciating how we got to this place of incredible steaks and a warm and cozy atmosphere, surrounded by the Grand Teton Mountain range.    

From Steaks to Steakhouses: Early Influences 

The roots of the American steakhouse can be traced back to the 18th and 19th centuries when European immigrants brought their traditional cuisines to the United States. German, Irish, and English immigrants, in particular, introduced the concept of the chop house or tavern, where meat, including steak, was served in hearty portions. One of the oldest American steakhouses was established around 1837 in New York City, thus creating a reputation for high-quality steaks and fine dining. But it did not take long for the steakhouse to venture westward as the United States expanded.  

For a taste of the steakhouse tradition, try the Million Dollar Grilled New York Strip Steak with grilled asparagus and roasted wild mushrooms. 

Westward Expansion and Cattle Ranching: A Boon for Steakhouses 

The expansion of the United States into the West during the 19th century played a significant role in the growth of steakhouses throughout this vast region. As cattle ranching became prevalent, the availability of high-quality beef increased. This led to the rise of many steakhouses in this part of the country, as beef could be served fresh and in abundance. As ranchers and residents flocked to Wyoming to settle and begin ranching enterprises, Jackson Hole steakhouses became a popular dining destination.   

Dinner in Jackson Hole would not be complete without trying the dry-aged beef porterhouse with brown butter green beans and Yukon gold mashed potatoes. 

The 20th Century Jackson Hole Steakhouse 

Continued Western expansion and a post-World War II economic boom saw a surge in the number of steakhouses, flourishing symbols of prosperity, and the desire for exceptional restaurant cuisine. Steakhouses capitalized on this trend by offering a distinct dining experience emphasizing high-quality steaks, generous portions, and a welcoming ambiance catering to residents and travelers. In recent decades, this American tradition, including Jackson Hole steakhouses, has evolved to accommodate the love of a great steak but also changing culinary trends to entice a broader range of discerning tastes.  

Traditional steakhouses, like the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Steakhouse, continue to thrive as they acknowledge the value of sourcing high-quality, locally raised beef and offering a wide variety of cuts and cooking techniques. Modern steakhouses also incorporate design and entertainment elements conducive to enjoying an authentic Western steakhouse experience.   

Old West meets upscale dining when ordering a cast iron ribeye with cowboy lobster bisque and grilled Idaho potato with bacon, crème fraiche, and chive butter.  

Why Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Steakhouse?  

What makes this outstanding steakhouse a premier destination when having dinner in Jackson Hole? The reasons are as big as the West itself. They include:  

  • Steaks of exceptional quality that are USDA top third choice beef and always fresh, never frozen. All cuts that do not have a bone are butchered in-house. Emphasis on quality ensures diners can indulge in a delicious steak.  
  • Chefs with grilling and cooking expertise who understand how to prepare steaks to perfection and precisely to the diner’s preference.   
  • Generous portion sizes as diners expect substantial cuts of beef that satisfy even the heartiest of appetites.   
  • Classic and modern side dishes harken to traditional tastes and contemporary culinary trends that complement the variety and depth of the dining experience.   
  • A rustic and inviting ambiance inspired by the American West contributes to the overall enjoyment of any Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Steakhouse meal.    
  • Attentive and knowledgeable service with staff members who pride themselves on providing excellent customer service. This level of attention translates to guests feeling welcomed and valued.  
  • Extensive drinks and wine menu with an impressive selection of traditional and signature cocktails as well as superb wines that pair well with a perfectly grilled steak.  

Throughout its history, the American steakhouse has remained a symbol of indulgence, prosperity, and culinary excellence. The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar continue to be cherished by local and tourist steak enthusiasts who want exceptional food in a traditional Western setting. Given its location near towering mountains and national parks and its historical homage to the American West, dining in Jackson Hole at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar will remain an integral part of traditional American steakhouse culture.    

Are you ready to enjoy a Jackson Hole tradition by dining at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar? Make your reservation for dinner today. We have a steak waiting just for you.  

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