A Meat-Lover’s Paradise: Tips for Ordering Your Favorite Steak

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Steakhouse

Imagine yourself walking around picturesque Jackson Hole, Wyoming, taking in the sights of this beautiful town nestled in the view of the Grand Tetons. Known for its breathtaking views and outdoor sports like skiing, fishing, and rafting, this gem of a residential and tourist area also has its share of fine dining. It will not be long before a stroll in the fresh mountain air works up an appetite as big as the West.

How do you conquer this mountain-sized hunger? The obvious answer is to find the best Jackson Hole steakhouse, and no place is better than the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Steakhouse. And when it comes to enjoying the finest steaks around, this Jackson Hole tradition cannot be beat. An exceptional meat-lover’s menu, live entertainment, and knowledgeable waitstaff will make visitors and residents alike feel like they hit the cowboy steakhouse jackpot.

 Do You Know Your Steaks? 

Your immediate answer will probably be a resounding “Yes!” But on further consideration, let’s take a look at the steaks on the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Steakhouse menu so that you can make the most informed decision during your visit. We want your meal to be perfection on a plate, so take a minute to decide on the best cut for your flavor and texture preferences.

Consider the Cut 

Different cuts of steak have distinctive characteristics, so it is important to know what you are looking for when deciding on the most appealing based on your personal tastes. The steak entrees at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Steakhouse include:

Ribeye- Originating from the ribs of the animal between the loin and the shoulder, this flavorful and juicy cut features marbling throughout and makes it ideal for cast-iron grilling. Known for its rich beefy flavor, the ribeye is a favorite for meat lovers.

New York Strip- This flavorful cut of beef is from the short loin located on the back of the cow. These upper back muscles don’t get much of a workout; therefore, they produce tender cuts of meat, thus making strip steaks a perennial favorite among diners.

Tenderloin. The name says it all! Again, this area of muscles gets little exercise, which allows for its tender texture. Sometimes tenderloin and filet mignon are used interchangeably, but the filet is the tip of the tenderloin. This leaner cut of meat has little marbling and must be prepared with care to avoid it losing its juiciness. Our chefs are most certainly up to the task and will serve you a tenderloin impeccably prepared.

Porterhouse. This cut delivers the best of both worlds for a steak lover- one side is part of the tenderloin, and the other is the flavorful strip. Bring a cowboy appetite and be prepared for a feast when ordering this steak as it is a powerhouse of size and flavor.

More Steak Characteristics to Consider  

What else should a cowboy steakhouse diner look for in a steak they want to order?

Check out the marbling, that is, the small streaks of fat that are found throughout the meat. The more marbling a steak has, the more flavorful and juicier it will be.

Ask about the grade of the steak. Beef is typically graded based on its quality, with higher grades indicating better quality meat. The beef served at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Steakhouse is USDA top third choice beef and is always fresh, never frozen. All cuts that do not have a bone are butchered in-house. Ask your server about the grade of the steak being considered and they will be glad to inform you about its superior quality.

Think about the cooking method you prefer as different cuts are suited for various cooking styles. Some diners like a bit of charring, so our chefs are happy to throw a steak on the cast iron grill if asked. We try to remember the cowboy part of our name!

While steak is what we know and what we do best, our extensive menus also boast amazing selections of seafood, chicken, and an array of delicious sides. Rounding out our meals is a wine and cocktail list that is sure to please every diner who wants the ultimate cowboy steakhouse experience.

Most importantly, never be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure about one of our menu selections. Every member of our staff, from those waiting on tables to the chefs in our kitchen, wants every customer to have the most enjoyable meal possible when visiting the very finest Jackson Hole steakhouse.

Now that you know about steak and what the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and Steakhouse has to offer every person living in and visiting Jackson Hole, let’s get started on satisfying that Grand Teton-sized appetite with a juicy steak and a festive cowboy atmosphere in our corner of a Western meat lover’s paradise. Order the best steak you have ever had today!

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