Chefs’ Secrets for Selecting the Perfect Steak 

Cowboy Steakhouse

It can be a complicated world out there. So many knowledgeable people have assumed the role of “influencer” and inform their followers about food trends, interesting cuisines, and where to go for an amazing dining experience. With such a plethora of information and recommendations, folks may find it challenging to decide what restaurant to choose. But here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we like to keep things simple- big sky, tall mountains, and the best cowboy steakhouse serving up the finest cuts of beef this side of the Rockies.   

Our picturesque valley, surrounded by the majestic Teton Range, is known for its breathtaking natural beauty. When you want an exceptional dinner in Jackson Hole, our chefs will serve up another thing of beauty- the perfect steak nestled in the authentic Western charm of this Cowboy Steakhouse.  

A Jackson Hole Steakhouse Experience: A Few Secrets from Our Talented Chefs 

All chefs have tips, tricks, and talents, as well as a few secrets they refuse to divulge. The chefs at the Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse are not that reserved. They want our guests to know that they select, prepare, and serve only the finest, most delicious steaks around and are happy to share what they know. Let’s look at what our chefs consider when choosing the cuts of beef they are proud to serve.  

The Quality of the Meat. Our chefs prioritize the quality of our meat selections above all else. They look for well-marbled cuts with an even distribution of these small streaks of fat throughout the cut so diners can be assured of the flavor and tenderness. 

Making the Grade. The Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse chefs will accept nothing less than premium selections. Our meat is USDA top third beef and is always fresh, never frozen. All of our steak choices that do not have a bone are butchered in-house. This means that our chefs always have their eyes and hands on every piece of beef that enters their kitchen, ensuring freshness and quality.    

A Cut Above. Our Cowboy Steakhouse chefs prepare and serve different cuts of steak appealing to guests’ personal tastes. Their culinary expertise is evident in our flavorful and juicy rib-eye, the tender and popular New York strip and tenderloin, and a steak lover’s perennial favorite, the porterhouse. Diners cannot go wrong when selecting any of these cuts, as our chefs are skilled in bringing out the delicious and unique characteristics of each.  

Knowing the Source. Our chefs rely on the greater Jackson Hole region for access to high-quality beef. The proximity to cattle ranches in the area allows for a closer relationship between our Cowboy Steakhouse and the source of their meat, resulting in better control over the selection and high standard of the cuts. Freshness, quality, and taste are unmatched, thus assuring our chefs’ knowledge of the beef before it arrives at your table.     

Expertise and Craftsmanship. The chefs are more than just chefs- they are artists, and steaks are their canvas. They are happy to share their extensive knowledge and experience regarding the nuances of the various cuts, cooking techniques, and seasonings to bring out the best flavors and textures. The meals they create reflect their desire for all guests at the Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse to enjoy an exceptional dining experience.     

Attention to Detail. The proof is on the plate. Our chefs pride themselves on providing the best steaks but also by offering meticulously prepared side dishes, appetizers, and other accompaniments to complement the entrée. Dinner in Jackson Hole should reflect Western charm and culture by serving meals with regional influences and flavors, thus creating a distinctive meal to remember.    

Atmosphere and Ambiance. Chefs know that, of course, the food must be delicious, but they also recommend that a restaurant has a cozy and inviting atmosphere embracing the rustic style of the region. The combination of warm lighting, Western décor, and personalized service contributes to an overall fantastic dinner. In addition, here at Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse, we encourage our guests to head upstairs after dinner for drinks and dancing, a feature sure to please every guest who wants an authentic Jackson Hole experience.  

It is important to remember that these tips and observations from our chefs can help you decide which steak you will order, but they are not secrets. The chefs, waitstaff, and other members of our exceptional team will shout from the highest peak of the Tetons that for the best dinner in Jackson Hole, a visit to the Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse is unmatched by any other establishment- and we are prepared to prove it.    

Everyone at the Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse loves being a part of the breathtaking allure of Jackson Hole. We also think that our steaks are part of the natural beauty. Are you ready to enjoy an incredible dinner in Jackson Hole? We are ready to serve you.    

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